From 2,000 feet down a shaft to 20,000 feet in a tunnel, tunnel electric handles it all. We excel in providing the machinery and services needed to complete any tunneling project, and we do so in a cost effective manner that truly puts efficiency into any tunneling or mining project. 

Tunnel Electric is a full service Mining and tunneling  Electrical Contractor.


  • Tunneling, Shaft Sinking, Micro-Tunneling, Drifting, and Raising.
  • MSHA regulations, and CALOSHA division of mining and tunneling Tunnel Safety Orders.
  • Underground distribution systems to 13.8KV.
  • Resistance Grounded Systems.
  • Underground Power Centers to 1500KVA.
  • TBM's, Raise Bore's, Road Header's, Alimak's.
  • Shaft Hoists, Single and Double Drum, and Lilly Controllers.

Tunnel Electric, Inc. 

  • Head Frame, Dump Controls, and Mine Signaling Equipment.
  • Drift Jumbo's, Bolter's, Long Hole Drills, and Robotic Shotcrete Equipment. 
  • Ventilation Systems, Reversing Remote Controls, Air Doors.
  • Dewatering Systems and Water Treatment Plants.
  • Shotcrete & Grout Batchplants, Storage, and Transfer Facilities.
  • Generators to 1050KW.
  • Ground Check, Ground Fault Relays.